Shared Space on BlackUSA.News Network, 2.28.22


BlackUSA.News has been a consistent beacon of honesty, integrity, truth, hope, and love in Baltimore and her network cities. We don’t use the word LOVE enough, if ever when discussing the news and that is what is missing from other sources! Doni Glover has cultivated a family of hosts who unapologetically LOVE our people and are deeply rooted in their communities.

In our segment, Shared Space with Quida, Chap, and friends, we bring honor to our Ancestors and honor to God. We bring you the real, “boots-on-the-ground” community activists, organizers, and soldiers who serve love alongside our team in underserved Baltimore communities.

Where there is suffering, there is room for hope. Love fulfills hope. We deliver.

Through our show, we empower people by giving them the mic, amplifying their message of struggle, hope, and love.

If we don’t tell the real stories, no one else will give a damn. Our truth will not be dismissed and our people will not be ignored, not on our watch! We are no longer accepting apologies. We demand accountability on all levels! If one of us is successful, we all succeed. It has been said when the tide rises, all the boats are lifted – BlackUSA.News is the tide that uplifts all of our people.

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