NYC: Dear Black Girl – – 5-14-22


“Dear Black Girl” is a talk show about things young girls think and talk about amongst themselves from the perspective of two beautiful black girls. Celebrating girl power and a reminder that as a black girl you can…(fill in the blank yourself). This show is a continuation of the Dear Black Girl brand created by Xaria’s closet – a girl of color empowering other girls of color.

Xaria’s Bio
Xaria is an eight-year-old girl from Brooklyn, NY. She is an honors student in the 3rd grade. Her favorite subjects in school are math and art. Xaria has a sweet, vibrant, fun-loving spirit that is infectious. She loves dancing, drawing, and most importantly spending time with family. She aspires to be an archaeologist and is already an accomplished entrepreneur. Xaria is the President and CEO of Xaria’s Closet, LLC and the inspiration behind the “Dear Black Girl” series. Her hope is for every black girl to know that they can be anything they want to be.

Nadhari’s Bio
Nadhari is an eleven-year-old girl hailing from Brooklyn, NY. She is currently at the top of her 6th-grade class. She is quick-witted, strong-willed, and confident. Nadhari is not easily persuaded but can be quite influential. As Chief Marketing Officer of Xaria’s Closet, LLC these skills suit her well. She is a protective big sister/cousin to Xaria, a role that she takes on proudly. Nadhari is very inquisitive as evidenced by her love of exploration and all things science and technology.

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