Dallas Dance on the next Doni Glover Show, 3.24.22, 9 am EST


(BALTIMORE) – Be sure to check out the next edition of the Doni Glover Show on Thursday, March 24, 2022. Glover will interview former Baltimore County Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance.

The show will be streaming LIVE on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube beginning at 9 am EST.

Who is Dallas Dance?

Dr. S. Dallas Dance is a well-respected leadership strategist, educator, speaker, entrepreneur, and executive coach. Numerous national awards and board appointments – from institutions including the White House and Microsoft – recognize his impact on organizational culture, vibrant leadership pathways, leveraging technology, and dynamic community engagement.

Dr. Dance serves as the President of The DDance Group, Inc., a professional services consulting practice committed to assisting clients in all industries accomplish their biggest goals, solve their toughest challenges, and achieve their ambitious outcomes through people and strategy with a current client base of over 125 throughout 32 states.

He also serves as Founder and COO of The Principal’s Club, a K-12 tech-based coaching community. He also serves as Chairman of Deliberate Holding Group and Managing Partner of Infinite Solutions Enterprises. He is the proud father of one son, Myles Dallas Dance.

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