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Mr. Timuel Black


Tim Black Can Finally Rest: “What can you say about a man who was everything and then more! Much has been written about his scholastic accolades, his Civil Rights involvements, him as a mentor to many, a husband and a loyal friend and community activist and downright wonderful guy, whom everyone loved, and admired. Mr. Timuel Black was always present. There wasn’t a time on this earth when he wasn’t aware of the world around him.

“He stood focused and always ready for battle. And most of the challenges he faced, he won and lived to share his stories of victories with the world. He’s the kinda dude that every little boy wants to be, every intellectual girl wishes she had and every man wishes he was! What I would give to be Mr. Black. To have walked in his shoes for over five decades, never slowing down. To keep up with Tim, you had to stay moving, never slowing down, and for sure, never stopping! Tim has finally stopped… so we can catch up. But we never will! Much Love, Homie. You can now take it easy!” – Content Curated By Carl D. West


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DJ Jazzy Jeff

Rakim & DJ Jazzy Jeff Perform Live

Return to in-person, safe-space entertainment at the Harold Washington Cultural Center (HWCC) in the wake of COVID-19 marks a historic moment in live hip-hop. An unprecedented event in live hip-hop will mark the latest milestone in a long legacy of historic moments for a performing arts gem of Chicago, as the Harold Washington Cultural Center and its Executive Director Jimalita Tillman host I Know You Got Soul, a live concert featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff and iconic emcee Rakim.

This production, set for Friday, October 15, is the first post-pandemic return to safe spaces, live-event entertainment at HWCC. It is also the first time that these two iconic figures in hip hop will perform together in the city of Chicago. This show also marks the kick-off to HWCC’s Community Healing and Classic Hip Hop Series, in partnership with the Dorothy Jeanius STEAM Leadership Institute. The series and concert will follow all local COVID-19 guidelines. Learn more about the series at

“The goal is to give patrons of the art something to look forward to as we navigate our new normal in the world of art and culture,” says Tillman, who is also HWCC’s global director. “This event is the culmination of the Harold Washington Cultural Center’s Mental Wellness Week of free events. We believe that artistic expression is therapeutic and arts will keep our children safe, present an economic opportunity for them, and subsequently deter at-risk behavior.”


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“I am proud to partner with the Harold Washington Cultural Center on this series,” adds Dorothy Jeanius STEAM Leadership Institute CEO Dorothy Tillman, who, at age 15, is a doctoral candidate in behavioral health at Arizona State University. “During the daytime, we will have speakers on fitness, nutrition, and substance-use disorders. Music acts as a medium for processing emotions, trauma, and grief, and can also be utilized as a regulating or calming agent for anxiety.”

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Rakim are true hip-hop giants who have helped to define the genre for decades. Rakim is regarded as one of the most skilled and influential rappers of all time. Jazzy Jeff is the multi-talented producer, writer, and DJ who has won Grammys for iconic tunes like “Summertime,” as well as developing influential artists such as Eminem, Jill Scott, and many more. “Music is something that moves the spirit,” says Rakim. “Hip hop tells the story of those without a voice, and that creates a positive shift in the process of healing.”

Over 25,000 youth participate in HWCC programs annually. The HWCC’s mission is to preserve and protect African American culture. HWCC utilizes performing and media arts to deter at-risk behavior in youth, and partners with community-based organizations, as well as national and internationally recognized historical arts institutions, on content and audience development.

The Harold Washington Cultural Center is at 4701 S. King Drive (Chicago). Doors open at 7:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased on For more information, contact Jimalita Tillman at or 773-373-1900. This performance is another event sponsored in part by TBTNews. – Content Curated By MG Media


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Celebrate UChicago Medicine’s Best-in-the-Nation Transplant Program: The most recent biannual data from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) show University of Chicago Medicine’s Heart Transplant Program is the best-performing in the country, based on key benchmarks for survival and how quickly patients are able to receive organ transplants.

Only 14 of 143 heart transplant programs in the U.S. earned a five-star rating from SRTR, an organization contracted by the Health Resources and Services Administration to provide statistical and analytical support to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Of that elite group, UChicago Medicine’s program had the best one-year survival ratio, the best transplant rate, and the shortest time-to-transplant for patients waiting to receive a new heart.

“When you have the best survival and shortest wait time, you’re the best program,” said Valluvan Jeevanandam, MD, Director of the UChicago Medicine Heart and Vascular Center. “It’s a proud moment for everyone who’s made this happen, but it’s even more important for our patients, who are getting the best care in the world.” Notably, UChicago Medicine’s time-to-transplant measurement stood out when compared to competing for heart transplant programs. Based on data compiled by the registry, half of the patients on UChicago Medicine’s waiting list received a new heart in 1.1 months, compared to the national average of 6.9 months.

The time to find a new heart for 75% of UChicago Medicine patients on the waiting list was 2.8 months. The next-closest program’s wait time was 12.7 months. Sean Pinney, MD, Co-Director of the Heart and Vascular Center, credits that speed to UChicago Medicine’s aggressiveness in accepting donor hearts that other facilities might choose to forego. Jeevanandam said the multidisciplinary transplant team at the South Side academic health system is able to safely and effectively utilize a wider pool of donor organs because of the group’s extensive experience with difficult and unusual transplant cases.

“Transplantation is the ultimate team sport,” Pinney said. “One cannot have these types of results without being part of an extraordinary team. Our patients live longer and live better because of the dedication and professionalism of this team.” Reflecting the commitment to the community that UChicago Medicine serves, the SRTR data also showed UChicago Medicine had the highest percentage of African American heart transplant patients in the country at 42.2%. “That’s something we can be proud of here on the South Side of Chicago,” Pinney said. “We’re serving our community and helping overcome major health disparities by transplanting more African American patients.”

The UChicago Medicine Heart Transplant Program’s achievement comes as it continues to grow. In the fiscal year 2021, the organization performed 62 heart transplants, a nearly 50% increase from the previous year, making it a top eight program by volume in the country. According to Jeevanandam and Pinney, the volume increase can be attributed to local outreach, new approaches that allow the program to transplant patients not considered transplantable elsewhere, complex patient referrals from other programs, and referrals for bloodless surgery, multi-organ transplant, and congenital heart disease.

“We’re taking the sickest patients and giving them the best results,” Jeevanandam said. “We’re transforming people’s lives.” For more details, contact Ashley Heher at or Cassandra Belek at – Content Curated By UChicago News

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ComEd’s Technology & Energy Expo

Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood is where community stakeholders have been partnering with ComEd to demonstrate how advanced energy technologies can make us all more resilient, sustainable, and connected. Join us for ComEd’s Community of the Future: Bronzeville Technology & Energy Expo on Thursday, October 21st to learn about new energy technologies, innovative energy programs, and how you can participate in the advanced energy economy.

At the event, executives, engineers, and visionaries across these industries will share key insights and information. This event will also provide a platform for networking opportunities with representatives of ComEd and vendors; technology demonstrations; and virtual in-booth interactions to introduce ComEd’s energy efficiency programs. And participants can meet future partners and employers at the Networking Session & Job Fair!

Attendees can register at the link: You’ll receive an email with more attendee information. Join us for this exciting VIRTUAL event from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Networking and Job Fair: Interested in hosting a booth at the Networking Session or Job Fair? Sign up here: You will receive an email with vendor details. – Content Curated By MG Media


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WVON Black Heritage Film Series 2021: The highly successful VonTV is celebrating its first year anniversary with WVON’s annual Black Heritage Film Series. And this year, they are celebrating Chicago films, producers, and directors. You can enjoy WVON’s Black Heritage Film Series in the comfort of your home every Thursday in October on VonTV. Watch on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV Plus, or VonTV! Here’s the film series lineup:

OCT.14TH/7 PM – See the critically acclaimed documentary, Chicago at the Crossroad and learn how Chicago’s great migration turned into a great urban crisis.
OCT.21st/7 PM – See Chicago film director Chann Berry and Bill Duke’s Dark Girls, as they explore colorism and its global impact on Black women.
OCT.28TH/7 PM – The Church House: Sexuality in the Black Church, which is surely be discussed and debated due to its controversial premise.
Happy Birthday VonTV, which delivers culturally relevant content on purpose! – Content Curated By WVON Media


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tim back

Tim Black Always Spoke His Mind

t black

The Educator, Mr. Black Left Life Lessons

Comments From Folks on Timuel Black

Pat Dowell on the Passing of Timuel Black: “Timuel Black was a towering intellect, passionate leader, and generous mentor. I just visited with him on Monday. He was a trusted advisor and dear friend. We worked closely on education issues as he was a member of the DuSable High School Alumni Coalition.

“He was the driving force behind the landmark designation of the school. One of my proudest moments as Alderman was passing legislation that created a street sign in his honor on State State at 49th Street. My sincere condolences to his wife, Zenobia, and all who loved and admired him. We lost a pillar of our community today. His legacy will live on.”

Congressman Bobby L. Rush Statement on Passing of Chicago Historian and Civil Rights Activist Timuel Black: “My friend Tim Black spent every day of his life pouring his best into others. As an educator, a community activist, a civil rights activist, a political activist, a confidante, an elder, and a sage, Tim gave his all to all of us. He was at the heartbeat of the Black community, the Chicago community, the national community, and the international community.

“From Nelson Mandela’s freedom and election as President of South Africa to Harold Washington’s election as Mayor of Chicago to Barack Obama’s election as the first Black President of the United States; from Jesse Jackson’s campaign for President to Carol Moseley Braun’s election as the first Black woman in the U.S. Senate — Tim’s contributions were felt in every single one of these historic achievements. Tim’s enthusiasm as an author and educator was inspiring, and his impact is utterly incalculable.”

black t

Mr. Timuel Black Was a Serious Thinker – MG Media

Lt. Governor Stratton’s Statement on the Passing of Timuel Black: “Today, we mourn the loss of legendary civil rights activist and historian Timuel Black. In over a century of life and service, Timuel Black paved the way for justice and equity through his incredible work. He will forever be embedded in history as a champion for the downtrodden.

“Timuel Black was a beacon, helping to guide the city, state, and country in the direction of progress. From his work organizing Chicago for 1963 March on Washington to fighting for voting rights here in Illinois, he changed the world one step at a time. That spirit lives on to this day and should inspire us all. Timuel Black was a force. Timuel Black was a World War II veteran. He was a hero. May we pray for Timuel Black’s family and all who loved him during this difficult time. Let us be strong for them the way he was always strong for us. Timuel Black’s legacy lives on, may he rest in power.”

Barack Obama Released Statement After Black’s death: “Today, the city of Chicago and the world lost an icon with the passing of Timuel Black. Tim spent decades chronicling and lifting up Black Chicago history. But he also made plenty of history himself,” he said. “Above all, Tim was a testament to the power of place, and how the work we do to improve one community can end up reverberating through other neighborhoods and other cities, eventually changing the world.” – Content Curated By MG Media



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Dr. Johari Shuck


Close Up w/Johari Shuck

Fun Facts is a new segment where weekly chosen personalities and any random person selected will give the readers insightful facts into their lives. It can actually be you, subscribers to TBTNews. I have your email addresses and will pick someone weekly like the lottery–and if you’re selected– you’ll not only share your answers with the readers, you’ll receive prizes and gifts from sponsors and advertisers.

Therefore, I’m gonna ask a random subscriber 20 questions. So enjoy and be on the lookout for an email from me each week asking you to participate. Think about the prizes that you can walk away with and some will even receive cash towards scholarships on your kid’s (high school or college) behalf:

What does success look like:
Dr. Shuck: The achievement of any goal a person has set for him/herself

If you could learn one skill, what would it be:
Dr. Shuck: Speaking Spanish

How much do you trust your gut instinct:
Dr. Shuck: 110%

Who do you admire most, and why:
Dr. Shuck: My dad because he took his job of parenting seriously

When was the last time you completely unplugged:
Dr. Shuck: A month ago

What’s always in your luggage:
Dr. Shuck: My hair products

What’s worth paying for:
Dr. Shuck: Massages

Last time you binged on Netflix:
Dr. Shuck: Last weekend

Prince or Michael Jackson:
Dr. Shuck: MJ

What apps do you use the most:
Dr. Shuck: Nextdoor, IG, Audible, Pandora, Facebook

First thing you do in the morning:
Dr. Shuck: Walk my dog

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