Black Indians. Indigenous Americans.


People of the darker hue have been in the Americas long before Columbus in 1492. Evidence is Luzia, the name given by scientists to the African/Negro female whose skeletal remains were found in a cave in Brazil; they date back 11,500 years. Further, South America is a mere 1,500 miles from the shores of Africa AND there are currents that go between the two continents. Put differently, you can damn near coast to each place without a lot of effort. Further, when one peers at the Mayan paintings, the people depicted are brown and jet black – just like in the pyramids’ paintings in Ancient Kemet. Since posting this video on, got calls from all over the world. Mostly all were positive, dubbing this as “The Great Awakening.” Yes, it is time the entire world knows about the Mound Builders and the 400 pyramids in the USA built out of the earth. No, this is not being a culture bandit. Almost anyone who looks at the Olmec heads, for example, can see a wide nose and large lips. For me, they are clearly African. Yes, I do appreciate the efforts of people like Dr. Ivan Van Sertima. Yet, there are others, who are white and Asian, who too point to the greatness of Africans by virtue of the San Bushmen of Namibia. Their DNA is the oldest on the planet. Hope you enjoy this video. Also hope it opens some eyes to the African presence in the Americas, in Asia, in Australia, and in Europe. We are simply interested in the truth, a truth that has been hidden: A truth that even points to white Americans claiming indigenous rights that should have been reserved for Indigenous Blacks.

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