Can You Stand With Tenants Like Me?

My name is Serita, a Tricon Residential tenant from North Carolina, who is taking action today by disrupting a convention in Washington, DC of some of the largest corporate landlords across the country! Along with other tenants and allies, we are spotlighting the culprits behind ever-raising rent prices, forcing evictions, and dropping our community members into uninhabitable and unsafe rental units. The housing crisis is planned – Renter’s Rising is fighting back!
Will you stand with tenants like me as we put our bodies on the line to demand a halt to predatory practices that are harming our communities?
[left to right] Serita Russell (Tricon Tenant) and Cynthia Norris (NYCC organizer) disrupt the National Rental Home Council conference demanding they meet with tenants to discuss their demands.
Instead of displacing more tenants, we need to meet the needs of tenants. In community, there is power: We need you to take action today and add your name to our demands!


Together, we can rise up against corporate landlords to prevent them from squeezing resources from working families across the nation!



In solidarity,


Renters Rising and Tricon Tenant

449 Troutman Street
Suite A
Brooklyn, NY 11237
United States

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