NYC: Eric Adams Prepares for Tonight’s General Election Debate

It’s here! Our third television spot of the general election campaign just dropped, and I wanted to make sure that all of our supporters got a first look. This new ad, titled “Plan for New York,” highlights my plans to address the crises we’re facing in housing, healthcare, and public safety to create a better, safer New York City for all. To watch the full 30-second ad, click below!

But that’s not all: Tonight, I’ll be appearing in the first of two televised general election debates, where I’ll take the stage for the first time as your Democratic nominee! Coverage will begin at 7:00 P.M. on WNBC-TV and in Spanish on Telemundo 47, or you can follow along with us on social media using the hashtag #EricOnNBC.

These next two weeks won’t be easy, but they will be fundamental to shaping the future of our city, and I need to know that I can count on supporters like you as we enter the homestretch. So, will you commit to watching and sharing “Plan for New York” AND tuning in tonight as I take the debate stage?

It’s time to grind, #TeamAdams!



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