Baton Rouge’s Gary Chambers for Congress: Picking up steam!



Gary Chambers is the man who called out Connie Bernard, the school board member in Baton Rouge who was shopping online while testimony was being given. The video went viral because Bernard was, in fact, shopping online when she probably should have been focused on the matter at hand.

In any event, Chambers is running for Congress and has garnered a swelling following.

Noted journalist Shaun King announced on social media today how Chambers earned the endorsement of the Democratic Party of Louisiana.

King wrote, “Gary is literally running against the former chair of the Democratic Party so it should tell you what they know and think of that candidate.”

He added, “I need all of you to:

1. Follow @GaryChambersJr.

2. Click the link in his bio or go to so that you can…

3. Donate right away, please!

4. Sign up to volunteer!”

Best wishes to Chambers! He demonstrated to the world that the everyday person is still important in politics. He showed us all how to be present, get involved, and hold elected officials accountable.

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