Abortion Access in Texas by Erika Maye, Color Of Change


The Supreme Court has failed to act on an emergency petition from Texas abortion clinics in response to Texas state law that allows private citizens to sue to enforce a six-week abortion ban, a time before many even know that they’re pregnant. 1

Donald: this new law opens the door for other states across the country to pass similar abortion bans — it’s in direct violation of Roe v. Wade. The SCOTUS decision to remain silent alludes to an eventual strike down of the landmark decision in the coming months. 

Here’s the thing: your District Attorney has the power to intervene and get ahead of potential criminalization by committing to exercise their discretion and refuse to prosecute based on pregnancy outcomes. 

It’s crucial we fight back to maintain our bodily autonomy as we push toward holistic and anti-racist health care and we need your help to do it,Donald. Sign the petition.

Black women continue to have the highest abortion rate, which is nearly 4 times higher than white women.2 This is often linked to a lack of access to contraceptive care and increased health risks for both mother and fetus that are associated with living in poverty. Restricting access to abortion denies Black people their right to have all of the necessary tools and resources they need to make educated medical decisions about their bodies.

This law has historical roots in slavery. Slavery laid the original foundation for reproductive control through slave breeding, rape, and total loss of bodily autonomy or the right to parent. The United States has a long history of seeking to control and restrict the reproductive decisions of Black women, limiting access to abortion while simultaneously failing to enact laws that prioritize holistic reproductive care is just the latest example.

Abortion IS medical care. Law enforcement has no place in medical decisions. Criminalizing it puts all pregnant people’s lives at risk. Will you join us by calling on your prosecutor to say NO to criminalizing abortion and other pregnancy outcomes?




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