Troy Rawlings Joins the BlackUSA.News Network LIVE from Los Angeles!


The “relationship guru” will be broadcasting weekdays at noon

(LOS ANGELES) – The BlackUSA.News Network is pleased to announce that Troy Rawlings has just joined the team last week and will be broadcasting weekdays at 12 noon EST/9 am PST from Los Angeles. Shows are streamed to &

“We are elated to have Troy,” said BlackUSA.News publisher Doni Glover.

He added, “We’ve been working on getting him on board for a while now because he is a phenomenal, Baltimore-bred megastar who is well on his way to earning his own Hollywood Star! Hell, he’s in the midst of a 3-part exclusive interview series with Radio One and TV One media mogul Cathy Hughes.”

The BlackUSA.News Network features some 18 different shows (and growing literally by the day) from around the country, including New York, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Miami, and Oakland. Thanks to the support of and a number of longtime advertisers, including Michael Haynie, this news network has expanded nicely since December 2020’s launch.

Rawlings joins a weekday lineup that already features the Doni Glover Show at 9 am EST and the BlackUSA.News Morning Show with William Honablew following at 10 am EST.

Host, Comedian, Actor, Speaker, and Author Troy Rawlings is much more than a “Triple Threat”. Troy’s comedy and hosting style blended with his amazing writing, improvisational, and production skills combine to formulate a powerful performance every time he steps on a stage, or in a TV or radio studio.

A self-proclaimed “Entertainment Brat”, Troy Rawlings is walking in his purpose. He stated, “I love people and I love seeing people enjoy themselves!” This is Troy’s motivation.

Born Troy Lance Rawlings in Baltimore, Maryland, Troy was a comedian from the crib. By the age of three, Troy was impersonating his favorite singers like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Al Green to comedians and actors like Jerry Lewis, Abbot & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, Bob Hope, John Ritter, Bill Cosby, and Sidney Portier. By age 5, Troy was break-dancing, rapping, singing, and playing instruments. His intense love for the arts was evident to his parents but they didn’t know how to hone and control it; so they never put limits on his gift. Because of this, Troy Rawlings brings timeless, no-limit entertainment right to your face!

Troy began his radio career in 2000 becoming a radio personality with Clear Channel in the Baltimore market. A successful 2-year run on a breakout show helped Troy start his own entertainment marketing and promotion company. He began producing comedy shows and music concerts throughout the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area as well as up and down the East Coast.

Troy said, “For years I realized there were thousands of talented people, but very few platforms for them to get exposure. I wanted to change that.” One of the biggest perks in doing weekly and monthly shows was that Troy learned what comedic routines worked and how to do fresh improvisations with his audiences.

In 2004, Troy along with fellow book author YONDER turned a book tour into an interactive sex, love and relationship forum called Talk Show. The Taboo Talk Tour became a hit! In just 12 months they went from a 10-person audience in the back of a book store to 1.000 people in a ballroom for a 3-hour interactive comedy show and forum. Followers began calling him “The Relationship Guru Of Comedy”/

“Sometimes it’s hard to find your niche in comedy and performing. But nothing feels this good to me. I love helping men and women communicate better in Love. This is my mission, no matter what the medium,” declares Troy.

Now it has all come full circle. Troy now resides in Los Angeles, CA, and is the father of a beautiful daughter named Zoe. He continues to tour doing comedy, forums, and speaking engagements around the globe and is a published author of several books. In 2016, Troy launched his radio morning show LIVE 5 days a week from Los Angeles.

“It’s like Ellen meets Dr. Ruth and Tom Joyner … with some Bugs Bunny … or something,” he said. The Troy Rawlings Morning Show podcast can be found on the LA Radio Now Youtube Channel and other Platforms.

Outside of his LIVE show productions, Troy produced his first TV pilot for NBC called “The Troy Rawlings Show”, and also became a producer on an Independent documentary movie called “Where Have All The Fathers Gone”.

Troy is currently touring with his Taboo Talk Comedy Tour and The Love Show.

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