The Beverly Smith Show, 4.10.22


Beverly Smith is a Domestic Violence Survivor that has turned her pain into the passion to help others. Native Washingtonian, the Founder and Executive Director of Momma’s Safe Haven Non Profit Organization, the Author of Self Published Book “HE Kept Me”, Filmmaker, Miss Congress Heights, a Lead Member of CFLS Speakers Bureau, The DMV Chapter Lead of Voices of Black Mothers United, A Founding Member of Black Women Thriving East of the River. Ms. Smith is a devoted mother of four adults and grandmother of six, a teacher, forever student and a Child of God. The Beverly Smith Show is a show that encourages self love, higher education and self employment. We will have a guest that will speak about what they are doing to improve are community and the well being of all people. Tune in this Sunday April 10, 2022 at 10am. Our guest will be Rev. Dr. Shaw Reverend Frederick Shaw is the Director of Public Affairs and Spokesperson for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR), a more than 50-year mental health industry watchdog. He’s also the President of the NAACP Inglewood-South Bay Branch in California, with a long history of working with NAACP. He is the President of NAACP Inglewood/South Bay, as well as past President of the Compton Branch of the NAACP, where he was the first President from Compton to be appointed to a California State Chair overseeing “The Children’s Taskforce.” Working in both the Compton and Inglewood-South Bay chapters, he met with many members of the U.S. Congress alongside CCHR International to get the Child Medication Safety Act passed, a federal law which prohibits schools from forcing students to take psychotropic drugs as a requisite for their education. This reinforces parents’ rights to refuse psychiatric drugs for their children and to determine their children’s healthcare needs. In 2020, Rev. Shaw started a Task Force against Institutional Racism in the Psychiatric Industry, comprising African American attorneys, civil rights advocates, members of the clergy, medical doctors, psychologists and educators. The Task Force reminds African Americans of the mental health industry’s history of stigmatizing minorities—from labeling runaway slaves and civil rights protestors as mentally ill and the use of eugenics (population control that targeted African Americans, sterilizing them) to segregating children in schools and the foster-child-welfare system today and drugging them.

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