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It was
all a
By Cheryl Smith
As a lover of history, I enjoy reading about what happened and who did what. I enjoy trying to imagine what each person is thinking in any scenario. Usually I ask myself if there are those being silent because they don’t have the strength, desire or guts to speak out OR, are they in complete agreement with whatever is going on?
I also think about what their descendants are thinking about their actions or inactions.
And that is the case with the recent vote on the impeachment of this country’s 45th president.
According to the impeachment papers, Donald John Trump engaged in high Crimes and Misdemeanors by inciting violence against the Government of the United States.
While the Impeachment Managers presented a very compelling case, especially the Honorable Stacey Plaskett; three things make the case a travesty:
  1. Mediocre attorneys representing the defendant can boast a victory that was a foregone conclusion because it was clear from the onset that there were not enough senators to weigh the evidence and do the right thing.
  2. Since there was a farce of a hearing, the opportunity should have been seized to call witnesses to break down the brutal reality of what happened on January 6, 2021.
  3. There were senators who wanted to vote “guilty,” but they were afraid of Donald Trump.
Which brings me to my truth.
as low as
-2 degrees
By Cheryl Smith
People were cold, tired and frustrated.
At times the dialogue felt eerily like a civil war of sorts. It was the South v. the North and who was suffering the most with power outages during the coldest weather surge in Texas since 1949.
Disparity seemed to be a major concern for citizens who have been flooding elected officials and utility provider phone lines as Texans faced “unprecedented weather conditions,” resulting in power outages and fingerpointing.
Some say that governance is an issue and there’s plenty of blame to go around.
Power Outages:
Garland opens Warming Centers
The City of Garland is opening two warming centers specifically to assist the most vulnerable Garland residents.
Officials are inviting only senior citizens age 65 and older and families with young children, who have no other options available to them. Everyone will be screened for COVID and masks must be worn. Due to the large volume of needs throughout the entire community, we cannot currently accommodate pets.
Our warming centers opened at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 16 and remain open until further notice. There will be some cots available and a limited amount of snacks and drinks. Bring blankets, non-perishable snacks, bottled waters, phone chargers and any essential medicines or other supplies you might need.
The warming centers are located at:
Holford Recreation Center
2314 Homestead Pl.
Garland, TX 75043
Gale Fields Recreation Center
1701 Dairy Rd.
Garland, TX 75040
The centers combined can accommodate about 250 individuals at a time– for our most vulnerable populations – senior citizens age 65+ and families with small children who have no other options to come and go as needed, on a first-come, first-serve basis. No pre-registration is required. These centers are intended for Garland residents.
Monitor GarlandTX.gov and the City’s Twitter and Facebook pages for ongoing updates.
The American Red Cross and other blood banks advise that the pandemic “continues to cause disruptions in blood collections and unprecedented fluctuations in the supply and demand for blood products.” It is especially dire for blood from African American donors – which is best match opportunity for Sickle Cell patients.
If you are able to – please donate blood. Anyone can find the nearest Red Cross blood drive by visiting:www.redcrossblood.org . Special incentives for all donors – everyone receives a free COVID-19 antibodies test and, those who give in February, will also receive a free $5 Amazon.com gift card.
PARKLAND advisory
  • There are several social media groups that have been created and often they are giving out incorrect information about the availability of vaccine at Parkland. This creates a situation where people show up for a vaccine at Parkland only to be turned away. To clarify, Parkland is only providing COVID-19 vaccines for established 1B patients by appointment only. Parkland also provides vaccine for some individuals who signed up through the Dallas County Health and Human Services website at Dallas County COVID-19 vaccine. That list is sent to us from the county and we will contact the people on our list proactively. The general public (non-Parkland patients) cannot bypass the county’s sign up process and schedule an appointment directly with Parkland. Any person trying to schedule vaccination with Parkland MUST have been first contacted by Parkland with instructions. We will NOT provide COVID-19 vaccines to anyone who does not have an appointment at Parkland or our drive through locations. For those wishing to sign up for the DCHHS website, please visit Dallas County COVID-19 vaccine. For additional information, please visit Texas Department of State Health Services
Due to extreme cold weather conditions, all Parkland COVID vaccine clinics (Ellis Davis Field House and Dallas College – Eastfield Campus drive-through locations, New Parkland Hospital, and Old Parkland Hospital (OPC) COVID vaccine clinics) will be closed Wednesday, February 17. Parkland will contact patients directly to reschedule their appointment. Please do not contact Parkland. We will update the public as more information is available.
Parkland-operated COVID-19 walk-up testing sites at Sam Tasby Middle School in Dallas, Irving Health Center and West Dallas Multipurpose Center will be closed through Thursday, February 18. For more information visit, https://www.parklandhospital.com/covid-19-testing.
All Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) health center and women’s health center locations operated by Parkland Health & Hospital System throughout Dallas County will be closed Wednesday, February 17. Patients who have an appointment on those dates will be contacted by Parkland to reschedule their appointments.
All Parkland outpatient specialty clinics, Urgent Care Emergency Center and the Simmons Ambulatory Surgery Center located on Parkland’s main campus will also be closed Wednesday, February 17. Patients will be contacted to reschedule their appointments.
The MFM Clinic and the GYN Infusion Clinic located in the WISH Tower on the main Parkland campus will be open on Wednesday, February 17.
February 17
Michael Jordan, 57. Ed Sheeran, 29. Paris Hilton, 39, Sasha Pieterse, 24. Bonnie Wright, 29. Billie Joe Armstrong, 48. Jenna Raine, 16. Shane Hefner, Heath Harris, Larry Duncan and Rene Syler.
Dallas County Reports 245 New Positive 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases and 13 Deaths, Including 126 Probable Cases
As of 12:00 pm February 16, 2021 Dallas County Health and Human Services reported 245 additional positive cases of 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Dallas County, 119 confirmed cases and 126 probable cases. There is a cumulative total of 241,532 confirmed cases (PCR test). There is a cumulative total of 33,868 probable cases (antigen test). A total of 2,666 Dallas County residents have lost their lives due to COVID-19 illness.
 Dallas County Health and Human Services is providing initial vaccinations to those most at risk of exposure to COVID-19 and 43,823 first doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered at the Fair Park mega-vaccine clinic, which started operations on Monday, January 11. Fair Park vaccine operations have been suspended through Wednesday, February 17 and additional closures may be necessary depending on the impacts of the next winter weather system.
The additional deaths being reported today include the following:
–      A man in his 30’s who was a resident of the City of Garland. He was found deceased at home and had underlying high risk health conditions.
He’s behind bars. They have linked his DNA to rapes in Texas. Over 10 years ago, a deviant terrorized members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Police believe this is the rapist.
WE KNOW YOU have questions about COVID AND
Texas Metro News will get the answers!
During the month of February, DeSoto ISD will observe Black History Month with a series of social media discussions ending each week with a Zoom panel discussion to be broadcast live on the district’s Facebook page. The schedule and topics are:
Feb 15 – 19     Social Justice – Civil Rights and The Black Voter
Feb 22 – 26     “Black Enterprise” – Black Business ventures
Jirah Mickle was tested at MCI Diagnostics!
Hospital capacity in Dallas on Feb. 15, 2021
DALLAS — Twenty-five hospitals on Monday reported ventilator and bed capacity numbers to Mayor Eric Johnson’s office.
Dallas hospitals are required to report the information pursuant to the City of Dallas emergency regulations enacted by Mayor Johnson during the local state of disaster. The reporting requirements are meant to provide data to decision-makers and information to the public regarding the medical community’s capacity to handle COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.
Here are the aggregate capacity totals for Monday, as reported by the 25 hospitals:
  • Total beds: 6,020
  • Beds occupied: 4,186
  • Total ICU beds: 952
  • ICU beds occupied: 699
  • Total ventilators: 1,048
  • Ventilators in use: 417
Please note that the numbers represent a point-in-time snapshot and might fluctuate throughout the day. Hospitals also may be able to expand bed capacity if necessary.
Ask us how
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