Doni Glover Show: Dr. Asante Dickson, M.D., Ascension Medical Educators (2.2.22, 9 am EST) STREAMING LIVE on, &


Doni Glover Show: Dr. Asante Dickson, M.D., Ascension Medical Educators, LLC (AME), Co-Founder/President (2.2.22, 9 am EST) STREAMING LIVE on,, &

Ascension Medical Educators is excited to optimize your success in admission to medical school! You have questions on the right combination of coursework, leadership, and service experiences; and you’re trying to understand how much the MCAT is really weighted in the final decision, or if extensive research and clinical shadowing make a significant difference, or how an academic or personal life challenge might affect your competitiveness.

With over three decades of experience from the “inside” perspective of the medical school admissions committee, AME is uniquely positioned to authentically evaluate your credentials and provide honest feedback and strategic recommendations to enhance your consideration for medical school admission. As every aspiring physician is unique, AME customizes your action plan with personalized educational and professional goals aligned to your credentials. Let’s work together, with expert side by side coaching, to build your Medical School Admission Plan.


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