Doni Glover Show, 2.15.22: Rudy Williams, the Playwright


After serving 31 years in federal prison, he has returned with a story to tell via books and plays. His books, Power Moves I and Power Moves II share insight to his internal fortitude, his brilliance as an author and strategist, and his character as a man. Life is chess and chess if life — Though deeply flawed, Michael Jones is larger than life! Leaving behind a long trail of bullet-ridden bodies from Baltimore s urban streets to Wall Street, at the tender age of 15 years of age Michael becomes ensnared in the vicious and deadly drug trade in Northwest Baltimore and rapidly rises to become an ultra-smooth international grandmaster in the Game of Life, Big Business and Politics, through his $300 million investment company PICTO which publicly means PERFECT INVESTMENT COMPANY and TRADE ORGANIZATION. Privately known only to Michael’s inner circle, PICTO is, actually, a highly secretive code name for the far-flung nefarious continuing criminal enterprise ( CCE ) designated The Michael Jones Crime Family by the U.S. Justice Department, the FBI, and the Baltimore City Police. Very well-written by one who knows the ruthless, brutal, and wicked ways of the world, and running over with priceless knowledge, wisdom and gems, POWER MOVES is an action-packed drama and suspense thriller like no other… Ever. Read it and count the bodies as they quickly pile up, page after page.

In Power Moves II, Kim “Chinky” Rene Johnson is awesome! Anything that a boy can do she can do better. After a fight with her stepfather Leroy, she runs away from home and takes to B-More’s deadly streets at 15. Right off she hooks up Kenny Jones, the top-enforcer and 19-year-old brother of “The Young Don” notorious drug lord Michael Jones. The most dangerous, ruthless and efficient upstart young killer and gangster the city has ever seen, Kenny takes Chinky under his wing and teaches her how to deal, kill and chill on the treacherous streets to survive and prosper. Under the command and wise guidance of The Young Don, these two dynamic crime partners soon plunge CHARM CITY into an orgy of death and violence. The YOUNG AND DEADLY is even more violent and riveting than POWER MOVES I!

Only home for 9 months, Rudy Williams has already produced his first play, “All That Glitters Ain’t Gold”. It was featured in 2021 at the Arena Players, the oldest continually operated Black theater house in the nation.

He credits Catherine B. Orange for her tutelage and guidance. In an interview with Mr. Williams, he stated that part of his goal is to reach the youth. He said he wants to help them see beyond the here and now where we have a more empowered community. He believes that the arts and entertainment provide a doorway to the minds and souls of the younger generation – one that can lead to enlightenment.

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