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The Chicago Department of Aviation is hosting an Airport Expo on Wednesday, May 25 at the UIC Forum. This is an opportunity for local businesses to learn about doing business with the City of Chicago and the Department of Aviation (CDA). Upcoming contracting opportunities with CDA’s Construction Managers at Risk. Hiring and contracting initiatives to increase diversity, equity and inclusion at both O’Hare and Midway International Airports. Requirements to obtain certification. In addition to these amazing opportunities, there will be a 3-minute “Fast Pitch” sessions for local small businesses to introduce their goods and services to airport concessionaires. There will be opportunities for job seekers to meet companies seeking employees for all levels of experience at O’Hare and Midway. Register now at – Content Curated By MG Media



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C. Dwayne West, BUFI Chairman


Living on ‘Their’ Knees

Here is what this shooting and assassination in Buffalo, New York, along with the COVID-19 unwanted pandemic, and other unexpected life occurrences, has highlighted for me. America continues to demonstrate its unlawful love for Black folks. And regardless of what our president stated in his speech while visiting the families in Buffalo yesterday, he represents a country that refuses to acknowledge its hatred and inability to help transform communities of color.

I’m not gonna discuss the murders, it’s been reported around the clock. What I’m gonna highlight is how this terrible tragedy has unpacked America’s disgust for Black folks, just like the pandemic uncovered, once it started devastating urban hoods. The ability to not have proper health care and treatment was exposed during the early days of the virus. And these murders in Buffalo, NY have shown how Black folks are still suffering from food deserts, segregation, and systematic racism.

Now, let me state, and I’m gonna be extremely harsh in my Works of Words: What shocked me, slightly, because I know America. But what freaked me out is that in 2022, there are Black folks in communities across this country who’re still, willingly, Living on ‘Their’ Knees. This is what I concluded after hearing community members in Buffalo, NY, as they talked to reporters about this awful crime. To find out that this city is listed as the third most segregated town in America, as Chicago is listed as number one. Not only that, it’s 80% Black but the entire police department is White. They allotted them a Black chief, but he serves under the demands of the mostly White department.

That entire Black city is basically living on its knees. They can’t even come together as business people to build some sort of fresh food or pop-up shopping center. The store that this racist teenager blasted was the only grocery store in nearly 25 miles. Chicago is a bigoted town, but we got Negroes who’re hungry for self-determination and will find entrepreneur solutions to problems that displace us. These folks in Buffalo, based on what I’ve heard, don’t have the capacity as concerned citizens to denounce the unfair treatment that some have admitted to happening for decades!

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I’ve heard multiple residents in Buffalo express that they live in an incredible and very stable and loving city. What are they seeing? Yeah, Black folks love Black folks. But what about the rest of the city and state? Where is the love? One grocery store, a nearly all-white police department overseeing a nearly all-Black town, high unemployment, and other segregating situations that halt progress! I’m stunned but I’m not. There are folks in Chicago who’re also Living on ‘Their’ Knees. But it’s nothing like I’ve briefly witnessed happening in Buffalo. It’s like when I took the Amtrak to the south, it was towns along the path that looked like they were just hit by an atomic bomb. Folks stare at the trains like zombies! DAMN, America!

I find it amazing that Black Chicagoans can label Chicago as a world-class city! Look, I’ve been raised in this town. I’ve been horribly educated in this city. I’ve made a decent living in Chicago. But let me express that I could have been even more financially accomplished if I had lived on my knees. Take my word for it. During my journey in this space, the hidden hands of power have approached me to either stop scripting certain Works of Words or to pen editorials that they deemed appropriate. They even forwarded me content. I decided not to fall to my knees. Therefore, I can’t love anything or no one that doesn’t love me back! I don’t love nor like Chicago! But currently, it’s my home…

So when I hear Negroes scream that Chicago is a world-class city and it’s a great place to live, I denounce those assertions after asking them to explain what they’re seeing that makes them feel that way. They state the beauty of the city. They talk about places to eat, shop, and play. I laugh. Most cities have those amenities. But what about a city that allows its citizens to prosper and progress based on their own merit without taxing or over-policing (us) to death, like what’s about to happen to our children while trying to enjoy Summer Time Chi.

A world-class city gives its residents world-class opportunities to pursue its ambition without prejudice and an overabundance of restrictions. A world-class city or state, for that matter, is not dirty and filthy and laced with abandoned buildings, and stricken with excessive poverty, high unemployment, and homelessness. I don’t know what my people are seeing when they talk about Chicago being a world-class city. Just like I don’t understand what those Negroes in Buffalo, NY are smiling about when they’re clearly and openly… Living on ‘Their’ Knees! Until the next edition… I Write to Differ

Seek the TRUTH, Know the TRUTH, Speak the TRUTH!

(Carl D. West is the CEO/Publisher of MG Media and managing editor of TBTNews, a daily digital media platform. He’s also the Chairman of the Board of the Black United Fund of Illinois (BUFI). He’s founder & chairman of the Leadership Initiative, an organization that trains young Black boys ages 14-18 to focus on Leadership, Critical Thinking & Entrepreneurial Skills. C0-founded VOTE 2 Live! initiative)

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Mr. Cliff Kelley


Some of Chicago’s most prominent leaders are banding together to urge the City of Chicago to establish an honorary street sign for the iconic Cliff Kelley Show on WVON. For 26 years, the show became a beloved institution as it guided Chicago through difficult times by giving thousands of listeners a voice to speak truth to power. Governors, mayors, congressmen, influential clergy, and journalists were among the hundreds of guests who addressed Black issues.

“Black Chicago and WVON wouldn’t be what it is today without the pioneering efforts of the Cliff Kelley Show,” said Chicago Crusader Publisher Dorothy Leavell. “From politics to education to Black history, the Cliff Kelley Show defined ‘woke’ before it became a term in the conversation of race, social injustice and voting rights.” For nearly three decades, listeners lit up the airwaves of the Cliff Kelley Show for understanding, insight, and depth on burning issues and significant topics that required piercing questions from its namesake host.

The Cliff Kelley Show ended in 2019. Because of his contributions to establishing this show as an iconic institution, Congressman Danny K. DavisCrusader’s Mrs. Leavell, and Saint Sabina’s Father Michael Pfleger are urging Mayor Lori Lightfoot to declare the day of the street naming Cliff Kelley Day. Committee chairs also consist of State Senator Mattie Hunter (IL-03) and Charles (Chuck) Bowen.

Prominent Black leaders and the recently formed Committee to secure an honorary street sign for Mr. Cliff Kelley will hold a Press Conference on Friday, May 20 at 1:00 p.m. at the Chicago Crusader office, 6429 S. King Drive, Chicago. Please RSVP by emailing or contact Sharon Fountain at or Glenda Smith at – Content Curated By MG Media


JOBSEEKERS: Upload Your Resume And Sign Up For Job Alerts At – Content Curated By MG Media

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PBC’s Community Hiring Event

The Public Building Commission of Chicago (PBC) will host a community hiring event on Wednesday, May 25 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm at La Follette Park, 1333 N. Laramie Ave, Chicago, for a variety of upcoming construction job opportunities. The PBC establishes city residency and community area hiring requirements for each construction project.

This means that 50% of the total hours worked on a project must come from City of Chicago residents. PBC defines the community area, usually, the neighborhood and immediate surrounding areas, where a percentage of the hours worked on a project must be worked by residents of that community area. “The PBC is committed to providing residents who live in the community with opportunities to work on the projects being built in their community. The PBC has contract provisions that require a percentage of each project’s labor force to be local residents,” said Carina E. SanchezPBC Executive Director said.

“When the project’s contract is awarded to a General Contractor, the PBC works with that contractor to establish the number of positions available to the community. Once that number is established, the PBC schedules hiring events to provide experienced community residents with the opportunity to apply for the available jobs.” For more details, contact Bryant D. Payne at or 312.742.0878. – Content Curated By MG Media

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The City Colleges of Chicago Foundation and its Board of Directors Seven Strong Speakers Series: Titled Essential Inclusion: Solutions for a Vibrant Chicago Economy, will run from May 9th through May 25th. It’s free and open to the public. Join City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) for five engaging discussions, online, that work together to build back a stronger community and Chicago.

Today, it is imperative that corporations, institutions of higher education, industry thought leaders, government, and other advocates double down on the call to diversify their workforce and create economic mobility for those that have long been marginalized and excluded. “Our students are at the heart of everything we do and hosting these important conversations to affect change is vital and amplify our collective fight for creating economic mobility and academic achievement for our communities,” said Juan Salgado, Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago.

Racial and ethnic inequities in Chicago’s vulnerable communities are pervasive and consequential. With a lack of access to equitable resources and the added layer of the pandemic, the challenges that exist in our communities have widened, and our students and their families have been among the most impacted. “These discussions on the roles inclusion and equity play in building a diverse workforce are essential if we are to make positive changes,” said Rhonda Brown, Vice Chancellor-Institutional Advancement at CCC. Below is a list of the five online events:

▪ Cannabis Education & Preparation: A Matter of Civil Rights and Racial Justice – Wednesday, May 18, 11:45 am – 1 pm
▪ A Call To Action for Corporations to Build a Stronger, More Inclusive Economy – Wednesday, May 25, 8:30 am- 9:30 am

In addition, City Colleges of Chicago will present Accenture with the Ella Flagg Young Award on May 25 in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the education and advancement of Chicago students. Accepting the award is James Coleman, Chicago Senior Managing Director at Accenture. 75 CCC students have been hired by Accenture. For more information and to register, visit or contact Veronica Resa at – Content Curated By MG Media

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Dorothy Tillman

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Marlon, Kyle, Howard and Steve

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Lanette & Carl Thomas

N Lanette Warbington’s World: Illinois and Chicago Socialite and Businesswoman Lanette Warbington attended another soiree of events. She attended the Kentucky Derby party hosted by Shevaz and Marlon. She attended the Harold Washington Cultural Center Gala fundraiser called Clap Your Hands Just a Little Bit Louder, and hung out at the Top Ladies of Distinction and Hope event. Photos provided by Ms. Warbington. – Content Curated By MG Media

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Dennis Anderson

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Congrats Sharron Troupe

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Karen Dilligard & Lanette

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Brenda Battle


UChicago COVID Updates

COVID-19 has changed how we live and work. At UChicago Medicine and the Urban Health Initiative (UHI), we are coordinating closely with public health officials, community partners, and city, state, and federal leaders to best prepare to take care of our community. In this week’s message you will find:

▪ FREE at Home COVID Tests
▪ Chicago’s COVID Risk Level
▪ Defining and Understanding Mental Health
▪ UChicago Medicine Invests $607 Million in South Side

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