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michele hoskins founder michele foods first black woman owned syrup company

Michele Hoskins, founder of Michele Foods Inc

TOP NEWS: Meet Michele Hoskins, founder of Michele Foods Inc., a multi-million dollar business whose products are sold in more than 10,000 stores nationwide. Her line of syrup products has recently seen a huge increase in sales since the owners of Aunt Jemima decided to pull its racist brand from grocery store shelves.

Michele began manufacturing her specialty breakfast syrups in 1984. She went on to become the first minority supplier for Denny’s and Walmart. Over the years she has partnered with some of the most respected food companies in the world – General Mills and Sara Lee. In her best-selling book, Sweet Expectations, she comments, “All I had going for me was my goal and a commitment to making it work.” The recipe that started it all is known as Michele’s Honey Crème Syrup. In addition to the original Honey Crème, her products are also available in Butter Pecan and Maple Crème flavors. Learn more at

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Panelists: Robert Blackwell, Jr., Jonathan Swain, Jay Vincent Williams, Merry Green, Keeana Barber, Larry Ivory, and Vance Russell. Produced & Moderated by Carl West

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C. Dwayne West


Why I Write to Differ…?

People ask me what does ‘I write to differ…’ means? It means that I’ve lived my life on principal and purpose. Each night before I lay myself to sleep, I internally ask myself, “Have I done everything necessary to provide a better life for my family, my child, and my community?” And when I awaken each morning, I also ask myself, “Am I prepared to fight for my survival and progress?”

These are questions that I’m faced with answering 365. I don’t shy away from the realities that comes with living a life of purpose and principal. Actually I embrace it! It moves my spirit to know that I’ve stood strong against not only the external forces that I encounter, but the internal demons that lives deep within me – attempting to shake up my spirit and denounce all the goodness that lies beneath.

This is one of the reasons I founded TBTNews. I wanted to utilize the written word to help transform and alter evil’s ability to attack my people, as well as myself. I felt that if we had another media outlets to express ourselves and expose the negative forces that patrol our communities, then we could begin to heal. With no brag on, I consider myself the Jay-Z of online written flow. I can put together verses that describe a certain scenario or situation.




I haven’t even utilized all my skills behind the keyboard. I’ve been keeping it clean and mature for the sponsors and older readers, who respectfully, deserve to be appreciated. I’ve been getting amazing responses from my Works of Words over the last ten years. That makes me happy. Why? Because when I was a shorty, I always wanted to be a rapper, but my hood boys told me I had absolutely no skills on the M.I.C. They actually made me drop the microphone each time I tried to spit a verse.

As time went by, I knew I would be using my gift for words to make a difference. I would submit dope lyrics to my grew (Brothers of Society Struggling – B.O.S.S.), who would often time use my words behind bangin’ beats. But after being denounced by my homies, I became the manager and went on to organize shows around Chicago at Park Districts. I even booked adult clubs which allowed us to perform as long as we exited immediately following our hype-up set.

Today, my Works of Words speak to real people who have real dreams and hopes for progress. The lyrics I script totally focus on rebuilding my community and accumulating wealth, power and influence. My opportunity to write to differ… has been God sent. I hope that the many readers of TBTNews have greatly enjoyed the delivery. Because this is why I live. This is why I write! Peace & One Love! Until the next edition….. I Write to Differ

Seek the Truth, Know the Truth, Speak the Truth!




Héctor Lozano


Hector Lozano Joins Telemundo Chicago As Sports Anchor: Telemundo Chicago/WSNS announced that Héctor Lozano will serve as sports co-anchor and reporter for the station’s 5 pm and 10 pm edition of Noticiero Telemundo Chicago. His first day on-air will be in March. As part of Chicago’s most experienced Spanish-language media sports team, Lozano will work alongside Rodrigo Arana and Raúl Delgado. Together, they will provide the most relevant and comprehensive sports content to viewers.

“We’re excited to welcome Héctor to the Telemundo Chicago team. He brings great talent, passion and experience to our dedicated sports department and newsroom. We cannot wait for our viewers to meet him,” said Diana Maldonado, Vice President of News for Noticiero Telemundo Chicago. Lozano joins the station after working for more than 25 years as a sports anchor and reporter for Spanish-language sports media in Chicago. His professional career also includes experience as a radio sports host and game announcer for baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey. Lozano is a native of México and moved to the area at the age of 11.

Telemundo Chicago/WSNS is Telemundo’s local television station serving the Spanish-speaking community throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. Telemundo Chicago is owned by NBCUniversal, and produces five daily newscasts Monday through Friday, and four on Saturday and Sunday that offers the latest local news, weather forecasts, consumer reports and the latest in sports and entertainment in various platforms. Viewers can also access up-to-date local news and information online through For additional information, contact Joseph Schiltz at 312-216-9325 or – Content Curated By MG Media

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$84 Million Communications Building

The Illinois Capital Development Board (CDB) announced RATIO Architects will spearhead the design process for the expanded communications building on the Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) campus. CDB released $8,301,920 in funds in fiscal year 2020 to create a preliminary design for the Communications Building.

The project’s total cost, approximately $84.7 million, is funded by Governor Pritzker’s bipartisan Rebuild Illinois. “The changes in communication over the past 20 years have been monumental, and with this investment, SIUC students will not only be able to master all the new tools, but they will also be on the forefront of the next generation of change,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “Current and future students will have the opportunity to receive a world class education in a state-of-the-art facility.”

“This building will give students opportunities to learn in state-of-the-art facilities, fully equipped and flexible auditorium space, laboratory rooms, digital post-production suites, and reflect the growing trend toward media convergence in a combined broadcast-print newsroom, that will position them for success after they graduate,” said SIU Carbondale Chancellor Austin A. Lane. For more information, contact – Content Curated By MG Media

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Judas and the Black Messiah starring Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield



Judas and the Black Messiah

“You can murder a revolutionary, but you can’t murder a revolution,” shouts Fred Hampton in the official trailer for Judas and the Black Messiah. The clip is the first look at Warner Bros.’ biopic about the real-life events leading up to the assassination of the Black Panther Party leader.

Directed by Shaka King, the film stars Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya as Hampton, chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party, and Lakeith Stanfield as William O’Neal, the FBI informant whose betrayal leads to Hampton’s death. The trailer emphasizes the rising tension between Hampton and O’Neal, as the latter is forced to betray the movement for his own protection.

Chairman Fred Hampton was only 21 years old when he was assassinated by the FBI, who coerced a petty criminal, O’Neal, to help them silence him and the Black Panther Party. But they could not kill Hampton’s legacy and, 50 years later, his words still echo louder than ever. The Panthers’ message of racial equality “by any means necessary” rings especially true today.

Judas and the Black Messiah shows the concerted effort of US law enforcement to vilify the Black Panthers and seed discord from within. It gives us a chance to challenge our own misconceptions of the “radical” Black Panthers and, through the story of one assassinated revolutionary, reexamine the hundreds of thousands of martyrs that the Black Lives Matter movement has left in its wake.

Judas and the Black Messiah was written by King and Will Berson, based on a story by King, Berson and brothers Kenny and Keith Lucas. The director of Black PantherRyan Coogler, co-produced the film with Charles D. King (Fences). In a virtual panel in August, Coogler said he was “blown away” when King pitched him the project. See the film trailer: – Content Curated By MG Media


The 1960’s Black Panther Party was instrumental in creating food pantries in Chicago

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suzanne clark photo 8.17

Suzanne Clark

TBTNews Profile

US Chamber of Commerce New CEO

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently appointed Suzanne Clark, the pro-business lobbying group’s next chief executive officer. Clark, who is currently the president of the Chamber, will take over on March 11, which is the day of the Chamber’s next board of directors meeting. “Suzanne Clark’s extensive experience through ever-increasing responsibilities, combined with her ambitious vision and ongoing work to strengthen the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, makes her the resounding choice to lead the organization,” Chamber Board Chairman Christopher Lofgren said in a statement.

Clark has been president since June 2019. A spokesperson said on Friday that the board was “engaged in a rigorous multiyear succession process to name a new CEO.” Clark previously was the Chamber’s senior executive vice president and has been at the organization since 2014 following a previous stint, from 1997 to 2007, when she was executive vice president and chief operating officer. “Clark has the deep management experience within the leadership of the U.S. Chamber, and a timely and powerful vision for how the organization can partner with American business to expand the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s global impact and influence for years to come,” Lofgren said.

“We believe in the power of American businesses to improve lives, innovate solutions, and change the world, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce exists to help them do it. We fight for the job creators because we know what a job means to a family, to a community, and to the overall economy,” expressed Clark. Susanne founded and led the consulting firm Potomac Research Group. Before that, she was president of National Journal Group. Clark, with a fierce commitment to global free enterprise, Clark’s experience deeply informs her leadership of the U.S. Chamber—the world’s largest business organization representing employers around the globe. Clark has also helped drive the national conversation on issues central to managing and recovering from the pandemic through the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s Path Forward program.

In an era of divided government and partisan gridlock, the U.S. Chamber has been a bold leader in championing bipartisan solutions and building coalitions around the issues most important to the business community. Clark serves on the board of The Economic Club of Washington, D.C., and So Others Might Eat (SOME). She was named SOME’s Humanitarian of the Year in 2019. Other awards and recognition include Washingtonian Magazine’s Most Powerful Women in Washington, the National Association of Corporate Directors Directorship 100 honorees, and the Baldridge Foundation’s Award for Leadership Excellence.

Carrying her passion for business and entrepreneurship into the classroom, Clark is a 2021 Spring Fellow at American University’s Sine Institute of Policy & Politics, where she leads a lecture series on the role of private sector job creation. Clark earned a B.A., magna cum laude, and an M.B.A. from Georgetown University. She lives in Virginia with her husband and their daughter. – Content Curated By ALEX GANGITANO

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dr michael obeng

Dr. Michael Obeng

Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills Making Millions

Dr. Michael Obeng is the only Black plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills that makes millions working with clients ranging from royals to celebrities and rich socialites. His company is called Miko Plastic Surgery. Despite his celebrity status, he still gives back to the community in a major way as the founder of R.E.S.T.O.R.E. Worldwide, a non-profit organization that performs free reconstructive surgeries for children and adults in African countries.

Dr. Obeng was only 20-years old when he moved to the U.S. from Ghana with only $200 in his pocket. After several years of studying and training in prestigious schools such as the Midwestern State University, University of Texas Medical School and Harvard University, he became a well-known plastic surgeon. He further achieved celebrity status after appearing in the reality TV show Second Wives Club. He also became the Chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Elizabeth Health Center and was named among America’s Top Plastic Surgeons by the Consumer’s Research Council of America in 2011 and 2014.

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