BlackUSA.News Network: Broadcasting 7 Days a Week on Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube


BlackUSA.News Network

Broadcasting 7 Days a Week on Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube
M-Th 9 am EST: *Doni Glover Show
M-F 10 am EST: BlackUSA.News Morning Show
*Host, William Honablew, Jr.
M-F 12 noon EST: LIVE from Los Angeles, California …
*The Troy Rawlings Show
M 4 pm EST: The Housewives of Baltimore with LadyT (Coming Soon)
M 6 pm EST: Frontline News with Yolanda Pulley, Donna Tabron, & Jason Rodriguez 
M 7 pm EST: Shared Space w/ Quida, Chap, & Dayson
M 8 pm EST: The Robaer Report with Robaer Washington, LIVE from Montgomery County, MD
T 11 am EST: WEALTHY SISTAS with Deborah Hardnett
T 7 pm EST: We Keep It Moving with Marsha Jews
T 9 pm EST: The Pulse with Derick & Doni
W 7 pm EST: Conference Room Conversations w/ Carla Nelson Chambers
W 8 pm EST: Baltimore Transit Equity with Samuel Jordan & Min. Glen Smith
Th 7 pm EST: Black Business Roundtable w/ Doug & Dr. Ashley, LIVE from Oakland, CA
F 9 am EST: “Hablando con Janet” by Janet Arce
F 1 pm EST: Willie Flowers with The Maryland NAACP Hour
F 7 pm EST: BlackUSA Crypto News w/ Kamal Hubbard, Author, DEFI in the Diaspora (East Bay Area)
Sat 10:15 am EST: Blackout! LIVE from New York w/ The DMFirm’s Tasemere Gathers
Sat 6 pm EST: Street Services featuring Joey Noble, LIVE from Miami!
Sun 9 am EST: People Over Politics w/ Martin Mitchell, LIVE from Gorgeous Prince George’s County, MD
Sun 10 am EST: The Beverly Smith Show LIVE from Washington, D.C.
Sun 6 pm EST: Sixty Minutes in Black America w/ Michael Haynie
Sun 830pm EST: “Climbing Out” w/ Ericka Alston Buck 


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