BlackUSA.News Morning Show, 12.24.21: Kobi Little, NAACP Baltimore COVID-19 Response


Join us as we talk to Kobi Little, President of the Baltimore City Branch of the NAACP, as we discuss the disproportionate impact of Covid, among other health disparities, for African Americans. Some members of our communities have had to travel significant distances and pay up to $250 per person to be tested for Covid. Others have described waiting up to four hours to be tested in spaces where social distancing wasn’t’ possible. Kobi will discuss the NAACP’s effort to change the outcomes for our people. The BlackUSA.News Morning Show is where we share information, news, and opinions to help our audience achieve their dreams. We bring people who not only have insight and experience, but who are willing to share their expertise to create a community that supports the industrious nature seen in the Black Wall Streets throughout our time on this land.

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