BlackUSA.News Morning Show, 10.1.21: Cameron Miles, Founder & Dir. of The Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood Program


The Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood Program was established in 1996 with 5 boys, and to date, more than 3000 boys have come through the program. The goal here is to save young lives from falling prey to all of the evil forces that exist in many of our neighborhoods. Young Kings severely need direction that in many cases is missing due to little if no guidance from a father or a father figure. Too many women are single-handedly trying to be mothers and fathers to young boys who at some point think that they know it all and even with no money and no job, want to call the shots.

This program is trying to prepare our Kings for life. We want these Kings to know that being in this program is a part of the training ground. We are building strong men, not wimps. We at times have serious frank discussions (using street language) in an attempt to get our Kings to focus, look at self and see how they can improve themselves and do better. If you ever have questions, please ask. You may not get the answer you want but, you will get an answer.


Note from Our Founder
My name is Cameron E. Miles and I am the Director and Founder of Mentoring Male Teens in the ‘Hood’, a first-class program that was started in 1996. Too many of our Kings are dying! We are trying to show them a different way with a disciplined approach. Too many of our Kings are going to Maryland’s penal system and Maryland cemeteries. If your King joins our program and I see him talking when another is talking, being disrespectful, or starting a problem with another King or adult, they will do push-ups. Repeated negative behavior will not be tolerated. We have enough of it all around us and do not need it anymore. If you need a meeting one-on-one with your King and me, please schedule it with Ms. Powell. I promise to get your King’s attention about whatever issue he has. ‍– Cameron E. Miles

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