Welcome to BlackUSA.News! The voice of our people


(HARLEM – January 12, 2021) – It is with great pride that we launch BlackUSA.news. This is a long-awaited vehicle to help tell the story of the Black experience both in the United States and across the Diaspora.

We look forward to your op-eds, opinion pieces, photos, news tips, and feedback. This is a publication that is committed to Black progress, and therefore welcome any and all empowering news and information that can help the masses.

We are big on business and politics. At the same time, we want to know what’s happening in your immediate communities across the nation.

Prayerfully and with a lot of work, we can capture the true nature of the Black experience, inform and enlighten some people, but most of all help lay a strong foundation for our youth.

Email us at editor@blackusa.news. And also lookout for us on Social Media. Today is but the beginning of what we believe will be a powerful journey forward in expressing … the voice of our people!

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