Op-Ed: What is Love? This is an age old question.


By Fatima Halima

(BALTIMORE) – What is Love? This is an age old question.

There are many forms of loving expression. There are many ideas of Love, and there are many acceptable ways to show love. Humans have a deep desire for physical and mental love. Physical love is obvious, by mental love is the one area that people have such a hard time expressing. Or, may I say, consistently expressing.

Love is not an emotion, it is a decision. That once that decision is made the mind, body and soul get together and merge to develop an emotional response to the one person or persons you wish to express love towards or the one person or persons you wish to have express what you consider to be love towards you.

Love, in my view, when viewed as an emotion is one of the most self-gratifying of all emotions. We say that we love someone because of the way that person expresses it to us is to our liking. It makes us feel good about ourselves that another person is holding us in high admiration, above all others. I love him because he treats me like I am the only women he has ever seen. I am the most beautiful, the most sexy, the most whatever it may be. Love is the biggest ego boost of all.

I have viewed and watched lots of couples. The relationships I find most encouraging are the ones, where the individuals both have dreams and goals and are able to balance them, and support each other. The two are whole before the two are whole. That meaning that they are both two satisfied individuals fully aware of themselves and capable of loving themselves well before loving each other. They are not looking towards the other person for completion. For they are already complete. Really just wanting to share that completeness with another person. The two appear to be able to separate and be together at the same time. That is love.

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