Op-Ed: Black Women Supporting Black Women by Diane Bell-McKoy


(BALTIMORE) – At the surge of the global response after Mr. Floyd’s death, I was deeply skeptical of any of the responses having a lasting impact by corporate American, philanthropic, or any other largely-white directed institutions … which is largely all of America.

But I did in fact have hope about our “own” being able to articulate our pain and our own personal challenges, then moving to support each other. I am struggling with my own white supremacist strips and know I must continue with this work and face my own demons if I am to really make a difference.

As I go about this journey, I am excited about other sisters declaring their own challenges and seeking opportunities to find a safe haven to talk. However, I was recently challenged by a Black woman working directly with Black mothers who are returning citizens.

She talked about the lack of involvement by other Black women especially Black women with means supporting these women. And then I learned of a strong sister who was giving her all to the community and women who looked like her and me; someone created a negative social media campaign about her.

Then I learned of a Black woman running a nonprofit with another Black woman inside of her organization deciding to create chaos.

Why do we do this? How do we give grace to our sisterhood knowing that they, too, are in pain but hold ourselves accountable to each other?

There is a group of Black women authors with a new book just released: Humanity Over Comfort. Don’t we owe it to each other: Humanity?

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