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By Doni Glover

We stream LIVE here: https://www.facebook.com/blackusanews

(BALTIMORE – February 24, 2022) – With in-person opportunities severely limited due to the pandemic, we decided to pivot our news operation from in-person interviews for BmoreNews.com to featuring these same interviewees via streaming. So, we did our first broadcast. And then we did another and another. Ultimately, we built an entirely new news network of shows and named it BlackUSA.News.

We stream daily on Facebook,YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Before the pandemic, streaming (like Zoom) was not all that common. Now, it’s becoming a staple and is being utilized by large and small businesses, non-profits, and anybody else running an operation – especially if there are offices in other parts of the country or world.

Speaking of globally, we have streamed three shows LIVE from Africa. Specifically, one of our hosts broadcasted a show LIVE from Kenya and one from Tanzania. In another instance, we conducted a LIVE interview with a regular guest who had once again traveled to Nigeria.

Hence, the pandemic forced us to find a better, more innovative way of getting the news to our viewers. And, fortunately, we did! And it has meant more partnerships have been made, including new relationships with entrepreneurs and businesses across the country. Before the pandemic, our focus was more local. Now, with streaming as another arrow in our quiver, we can touch people almost anywhere in the world as long as there’s a computer and a good internet connection.

As a journalist at the core, pivoting to include more streaming in our menu allows us to reach more people. Further, we have picked up shows beyond our Baltimore base. We now have shows hosted in New York City, Washington, D.C., Miami, and Oakland, with more in the works. Further, although our core audience is Black America, we are ever working diligently to include more diversity. We welcome it!

We currently stream 7 days a week, including a 9 am and a 10 am newscast during the week. We also have evening programming throughout the week at 7 pm. And then on the weekends, we now have 2 shows on Saturday and 2 on Sundays. Slowly but surely, brick by brick – this has been our direction since we began on December 1st, 2020.

While there have been real-time challenges in the midst of a learning curve, the streaming has also strengthened our team. We all help each other. We communicate. We hold each other accountable.

So, yes, things have been challenging. However, as an entrepreneur, you know that you only eat what you kill. One can either sit there and cry about the situation or get to work to deal with finding solutions. Challenges are ever in the wind. But, with faith, consistency, and a great team – one can survive and thrive, even in a pandemic.




M 6 pm EST. Frontline News with Yolanda Pulley, Donna Tabron, & Jason Rodriguez (Jan. 3rd)
M 7 pm EST: Shared Spaces w/ Quida, Chap, & Dayson
M 8 pm EST: The Robaer Report with Robaer Washington
T 7 pm EST: We Keep It Moving with Marsha Jews
W 7 pm EST: Conference Room Conversations w/ Carla Nelson Chambers
Th 7 pm EST: Black Business Roundtable w/ Doug Blacksher & Dr. Ashley Coleman, LIVE from Oakland, CA.
F 7 pm EST: BlackUSA Crypto News w/ Kamal Hubbard, Author, DEFI in the Diaspora (East Bay)
Sat 10:15 am EST: Blackout! LIVE from New York w/ The DMFirm’s Tasemere Gathers
Sat 6 pm EST: Joey Noble, LIVE from Miami!
Sun 9 am EST: People Over Politics w/ Martin Mitchell LIVE from Gorgeous Prince George’s County, MD
Sun 6 pm EST: Sixty Minutes in Black America w/ Michael Haynie

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