What U Need Is… Reminder: Level UP Your Business With Corp & Gov’t Contracts

Did you know over 90% of Black businesses are sole proprietorships with no employees and generate less than $55,000 a year? Less than 2% of Black businesses get government or corporate contracts and venture capital. I want to turn this around and help develop more viable Black businesses.
Hi, my name is Kamau Austin, award-winning publisher of The Scoop On Black News. I wanted to tell you about an opportunity to attend the groundbreaking Black Business Owners Forum (BBOF), that’s helped me grow and expand my business.
One of the most dedicated women I know working hard to help build Black businesses with economic opportunities is my friend Danielle Douglas. She is the Founder of BBOF. She is going hard to help Black business people get lucrative corporate and government contracts. Danielle has the experience and contacts to help you.
She teaches Black businesses, with other top insider professionals, how to prepare our entrepreneurs to get lucrative contract opportunities with the government and also major corporations at her Black Business Owners Forum 2021 (BBOF). She helps prepare your business to LEVEL UP and scale to become a more viable company doing business with large organizations.
The Black Business Owners Forum is truly unique in that it not only teaches you to network, overcome limitations, and stumbling blocks stalling your business but also actually puts you in the room with decision-makers who can help you get financing and government or corporate contracts. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to take your business to the next level – sign up for the Black Business Forum now visit: https://bit.ly/BlackBizOwnersForum
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