The Blackout: LIVE! from NY with Tasemere and Alvin Gray ep 41


The Blackout: LIVE! From NY with Tasemere’s purpose is to celebrate black folks across the Diaspora and to have an open dialogue about black economics, how we reimagine trends in business, and explore the “magic” we have. Alvin Gray, a Baltimore native, has been a director and producer in the DMV area for over 15 years. Known for his unique cinematography, Gray decided to part ways with CBS radio to explore his hunger for his own expression and creativity. In turn, he advanced his career as a producer and director for a considerable amount of films and music videos. From NFL to NBA players, Grammy Award to Emmy Award-winning artists, Gray has produced visuals for them all. After a small hiatus, Gray jumped right back in the Director’s seat to begin production for a suspense film, Sweet Dreams. Let’s get into it.

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