The Black Business Roundtable: Community Activism and Importance of Voting,10.28.2021


WELCOME listeners to today’s episode of the “Black Business Roundtable! I am your host Doug Blacksher broadcasting to you LIVE from the city of Diversity Oakland California! The recent storms that hit Northern California were something unheard of and we had an Atmospheric River that deluged the SF Bay Area, 3 feet of Snow in the Sierras and the Northern California Dams are getting a bit of a head start on winter! Today’s show highlights: Local community activism and the importance and value of voting! We lose many good grass roots candidates that run in our elections all because those of YOU that COULD get out and vote DON’T VOTE. Why is this opportunity to bring CHANGE not of importance to EVERY ELIGIBLE voter? It is not the fault of those THAT DO vote as they are making the effort. Due to the Pandemic VOTING was made convenient and safe to address COVID-19 compliance in States such as here in California by sending out mail-in ballots to keep all communities safer especially those most vulnerable, including communities of color. Guest this week: Weekly Check-in w/ Dr. Ashley Coleman, Department Chair/Assistant Professor of Psychology at University of the West. Welcome Dr. Ashley! -Janani Ramachandran, Esq., She continues to be our Social Justice Warrior fighting for Oakland one day at a time! Congratulations on all the new exciting changes since you were last on the show! Catch up with Janani anytime via her website and Instagram @jananiforCA. -Carroll Fife, is the councilmember-elect for Oakland’s District 3 and One of the founding members of “Moms for Housing” visit: or on Instagram @Carrollforcouncil for more information. History: The News of the Day On this day in history October 28, 1958: Two Black Boys, Seven and Nine Years Old, Arrested and Jailed for Over Three Months After White Girl Kissed Them on Their Cheeks. Courtesy of EJI (Equal Justice Initiative) Visit – for more information and to read the full story of this day in our Black and Brown History! History Calendar Link for today: Sponsors: A special Shout out to Doni Glover & Current Sponsor Magnolia Engineering and Construction NEW: To join our “BBRT” ADVERTISING family or to be a possible guest on the show reach us via our email: We also have a network of Shows hosted by Mr. Doni Glover such as “Chap & Friends” on Mondays, “Party Marty Let’s Talk” on Tuesdays, “SISTABIZ with Nicole and Tamara” on Wednesdays,” BlackUSA Crypto News with Kamal Hubbard” on Fridays so be sure to CHECK OUT these Black Voices and guiding lights of our community! Thank you Audience for tuning in and Remember, together we can Listen, Learn and SHARE because I know you care! This is Doug Blacksher of the Black Business Roundtable, God Bless and Good Night!

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