The Black Business Roundtable: Janani Ramachandran & Ray Bobbitt 1.27.22


1.27.22The Black Business Round Table: Janani Ramachandran & Ray Bobbitt.

WELCOME listeners to today’s episode of the “Black Business Roundtable!”

I am your host Doug Blacksher broadcasting to you LIVE from the city of Diversity Oakland California! Just a quick update today on our previous podcast dated 10.14.2021 “Remembering Artis, Police Dept & Driving While Black” episode. The next court date is April 4, 2022. Link to 10/14/21 podcast is: (Michael Thrash and his Attorney Matthew Hawkins) Today’s show highlights: Tonight we will discuss the Oakland City Council District 4 run with the latest update from our local candidate. WE will also discuss updates regarding the African American Sports and Entertainment Group (AASEG) and the new use of the Oakland Coliseum. -Weekly Check-in w/ Dr. Ashley Coleman- PsyD, Department Chair/Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of the West. -Janani Ramachandran, ESQ., She continues to be our Social Justice Warrior fighting for Oakland one day at a time! Let’s congratulate Janani Ramachandran and her NEW CAMPAIGN RUN for Oakland City Council DISTRICT 4 and she was born and raised in the EAST BAY! Catch up with Janani anytime at Centro Legal De La Raza website or via her NEW website: and NEW Instagram @Janani4Oakland -Giving us an update returning Guest- Ray Bobbitt – Decorated Veteran of Desert Storm as a US Marine! Ray is the Founder of the African American Sports and Entertainment Group (AASEG). To Learn More Visit: National Political Highlights and Several Elections: -Marcus Flowers is a BROTHER, Proud Army Veteran, Husband, Father & Patriot. He is a Georgia DEMOCRAT running for CONGRESS to UNSEAT (The Big Election Lie supporter) Marjorie Taylor Green. Learn more Instagram: @Marcus4Georgia or (He is also coming on our show in FEBRUARY!) -Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock a DEMOCRAT helped flip Georgia BLUE (Along with Senator John Ossoff) is running again for the U.S. Senate. Learn more on Instagram: @raphaelwarnock or -Stacey Abrams a DEMOCRAT is running to unseat Republican Brian Kemp for GOVERNOR of GEORGIA Learn more on Instagram: @StaceyAbrams or -Val Demings –a DEMOCRAT is running for the 2022 Florida Senate Seat! Visit or Instagram: @valdemings The News of the Day: On this day in history January 27, 1869: Congress Refuses to Seat John Willis Menard, the First Black Man Elected to the House of Representatives. Courtesy of EJI (Equal Justice Initiative) Visit – for more information and to read the full story of this day in our Black and Brown History! Listeners we have a treat for you today! Chef Karter Louis of “Soul Slice” Restaurant and Catering in Oakland California! Website: – We will check in LIVE with Chef Karter Louis! A special Shout out to Doni Glover of BlackUSA.NEWS and Current Sponsors “Soul Slice” Restaurant and Catering with Chef Karter Louis and Magnolia Engineering and Construction. To join our “BBRT” ADVERTISING family or to be a possible guest on the show reach us via our email: INCLUDE Your COMPANY NAME, ADDRESS, WEBSITE, Company Phone Number & Social Media Page INFO to our email address: We also have a network of Shows hosted by Mr. Doni Glover such as “Chap & Friends” on Mondays, “Party Marty Let’s Talk” on Tuesdays, “SISTABIZ with Nicole and Tamara” on Wednesdays, ”BlackUSA Crypto News with Kamal Hubbard” on Friday and Sundays “Sixty Minutes – In Black USA” with Michael Haynie so be sure to CHECK OUT these Black Voices and guiding lights of our community! Thank you Audience for tuning in and Remember together we can Listen, Learn and SHARE because I know you care! This is Doug Blacksher of the Black Business Roundtable, God Bless and Good Night!

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