Money Monday: Using Business Credit to Build Wealth


Tonight at 6PM EST, we’re talking to two of our members about the great projects they’re doing.

The Ecosystem We Are Building

According to The Road to Zero Wealth report, the median wealth of black Americans will fall to zero by 2053 if current trends continue. Are we going to stand by and let this happen or will we stand up and do something about it? With a small but mighty group of 10,000 people (and hopefully more), we can get the ball rolling and we can move mountains.

We can invest in the businesses of the future, create jobs, re-skill our people, and potentially profit while doing so.

It’s not enough, however, for us to simply fund businesses. To truly thrive and build Black wealth, we must build an ecosystem that is comprised of 3 groups:

Investors fund a business. Entrepreneurs use that funding to start, grow, or buy a business.

But simply utilizing the funds is not enough. What does the entrepreneur do if he needs a project manager, graphic designer, or full-time staff member? Wouldn’t it be great if that entrepreneur uses the funds he or she raised from the community and offer business opportunities back to the community?

All members have the ability to add their service or products to our directory. If an entrepreneur has a need for your product or service, we will encourage them to use the directory, find your business, and contact you. This is our way of encouraging Powernomics.

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