(MARYLAND) – Who is Pam Reaves?

Pam Reaves is the Founder of NELLA, LLC, a Maryland limited liability company. NELLA, LLC is the umbrella under which she operates her power coaching practice, facilitates empowerment seminars and master classes, comes to the stage to speak power into the lives of audiences, and promotes the books that she has written.
Pam holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. She has received certification from New York University’s School of Real Estate, Johns Hopkins School of Real Estate; and has completed extensive seminar training at the Practicing Law Institute in New York City.

She has also received Management Training Certification from Dale Carnegie Institute. Pam has more than 40 years of progressive experience working and thriving in diverse corporate cultures in the areas of human resources, labor relations, finance, legal, and real estate. She has worked for several major corporations listed on the
New York Stock Exchange and has worked directly with some of the most highly regarded Wall Street senior executives.

As a sought-after guest, Pam has appeared on the television talk show, “Atlanta Live”, a variety of radio talk shows, has been a guest lecturer at an accredited Bible College located in New York, and has been invited to lend her voice to numerous blog-radio talk shows. She has shared her expertise as a relationship columnist with readers of several online publications. Pam is the recipient of an impressive list of awards.

Her first book, a relationship book, has been used as a teaching tool on the continent of Africa. Pam formerly served as Ray of Hope’s International Program Director. She has also been a featured author and speaker at a host of other cultural events, book festivals, and expos. As a mature woman, she has been honored to represent small businesses with her image as: “The Face of Rosebud – 2014”; and “The Trendy 4U Woman”. Her face, as well as her story, have been featured in lifestyle publications. In 2015, Pam introduced to the public her natural skincare line of products called “Essentially Good.”

Pam is married to Reginald Scriber, Sr. and they reside in Owings Mills, Maryland. You can learn more about her by visiting

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