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(LOS ANGELES) – Black Wall Street The Board Game takes the history of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street and puts it into a family fun game! In 2017, after supporting The Village Nation Summer Camp, De’Von Truvel realized the history of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street was not well known among the youth. He wanted to take the information found in books and documentaries and put it into a fun game for students to passively learn. Enters Gamified Education! After a series of focus groups, interviews, and prototypes the First Edition of Black Wall Street the Board Game was made available in 2018.

The game will feel familiar to other popular financial games with some distinct differences. The first major difference is right away players need to make economic decisions, to be a customer or an owner. When you
first land on a business you have two options if it is not owned. You can pay the public use price and use the business as a customer, or you can pay the purchase price and you can now own the business as a Sole Proprietor.

Another difference is the use of real business structures throughout the game. Players can invest in their businesses to take it from a Sole Proprietor to a Limited Liability Company and all the way up to a Corporation if they own the entire market. The goal is to expose our community early to the idea of owning a business, even a corporation!

A fun game mechanic that was added to the game is the use of Venture Cards. These are secret missions like “Own Madam CJ Walker Beauty Salon” that when achieved will reward the player with Venture Capital aka
money! This helps to teach players delayed gratification and the importance of being goal-oriented.

The last difference that should be highlighted without giving away all the secrets is that there is NO JAIL in this game. When one thinks about the legacy of Black Wall Street and the image of Black Excellence, there is no place for the systematic oppression of jail or prison.

The founders and design team of Black Wall Street the Board Game are all brilliant melanated minds. De’Von Truvel is the Founder and Creator but had amazing logistical support from his Queen Sinclair. Markell,
Founder of Rare x Brand, is the graphics lead behind the game. All of the founders became friends/family while attending UC Davis.

For updates be sure to check the website and follow @playblackwallst Social Media.

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