Dr. Taborn’s StemCityUSA.com: The Final Frontier in the Abolition of Digital Slavery

Dr. Tyrone Taborn

(BALTIMORE – September 10, 2021) – “But the reality of it is this: It has also created a way for us to create a digital closeness; not just distancing, but closeness. It has provided us an opportunity to see what was impossible – it is now possible. We’re at a place where we’re so in front of this, we want you to be on our journey.”

Two weeks ago, Dr. Tyrone Taborn shared those words with a select national audience in an online address about his latest brainchild, StemCityUSA.

For the uninitiated, Dr. Taborn received an honorary doctorate from Morgan State University’s Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr. School of Engineering, considered a premier HBCU in that realm. Morgan is third in the country in terms of producing the most bachelor’s degree in engineering. And the patriarch and former dead of the school, Dr. Eugene M. DeLoatch, considers Taborn like a son.

After all, considering the ocean of pioneering work that Taborn has produced in and around STEM since 1985, it only makes sense. Black Engineer Magazine, Hispanic Engineer Magazine, the annual Black Engineer of the Year Awards (affectionately referred to as BEYA), and the annual Women in Technology summits – these are just a sample of his work.

Taborn is the caliber of man who is either entertaining corporate giants, meeting with US generals and admirals, or having brunch with the Prime Minister of Jamaica.

Over the years, one comes to learn that this Black man with roots in Tulsa’s Black Wall Street dreams far and wide and his vivid imagination knows no end.

With that said, Taborn has really outdone himself with StemCityUSA. While he has toiled arduously to liberate the underserved amid this era of digital slavery, consider Taborn a digital freedom fighter. For him, it has always been imperative to close the digital divide. That’s his life’s work. What’s so damn fascinating is how he’s going about doing that. He has taken 21st century technology, his in-depth knowledge of American history and culture, and produced his own virtual world.

While he said that this new initiative is in the testing phase, best believe that Dr. Taborn has already set the table. And now he wants us all to take a seat at the table and feast like a big dog on his new, marvelous digital world.

“I am truly excited for all the people who will benefit from this modern community that we are building. Specifically, it involves providing education and economic opportunity to at-risk or marginalized students.”

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