CHICAGO: What U Need Is… Reminder: 2022 Re-Storing Self and Creating Vision Conference

Like many 2020 & 2021 were rough on many people, however, life doesn’t stop due to a pandemic. Families had to be cared for, relationships built and/or protected, support of children, not to mention working and paying the bills. Many households were affected differently, however, they were all shifted in some form or another.
Well, if you are trying to catch your breath and start off your new year with restoration and vision, you want to join us for this phenomenal conference. Our dynamic speakers are coming from different angles, but with one purpose to pull all those broken pieces back together for some true RESTORATION! Tickets will go fast! Grab yours today by calling 708.283.5621 over the phone or Eventbrite with a nominal ticket fee.
Sessions & Titles
Host: Evelyn Randle, VOPF, and Sonya Blakey, Radio and TV Personality
Seminar I: “Building Unbreakable Mother-Daughter Bond” – Morenda Wysinger
Seminar II: Pillow Talk: “Catch & Release of Dating” – Shamika White
Seminar III: Broken and Left for Dead: “Finding Life After Death” – Mrs. Lori J. Knight, M.Ed.
Seminar IV: “I’m Doing Me: A Journey to Mental Wellness” – Felicia Madlock
Workshop: “Healing the Wounded Inner Child”– Nijiama Smalls
Keynote Speaker II: Mirror Moment: “The Waste Management War” – Stephen Thurston
Panel Discussion (Q&A)
Mrs. Lori J. Knight, M.Ed., Felicia Madlock, Nijiama Smalls, Stephen Thurston Shamika White, and Morenda Wysinger
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