BRB: Politics Oakland possibility FIRST BLACK OWNED sports franchise, 9.16.2021


Black Business Roundtable: Politics Oakland possibility FIRST BLACK OWNED sports franchise, 9.16.2021

Show Date: 9.16.2021 WELCOME listeners to today’s episode of the Black Business Roundtable! I am your host Doug Blacksher broadcasting to you LIVE from the city of Diversity Oakland California! In case you did not know we had a big RECALL election yesterday in California so tune in to hear who won!

Today’s show highlights: Oakland Politics surrounding the Oakland Coliseum as the possibility of the FIRST BLACK OWNED sports franchise may be upon us!

Our Guests Today include: Our Weekly Check-in w/ Dr. Ashley Coleman – PsyD (Doctor of Psychology), Department chair/Assistant Professor of Psychology at University of the West! Our weekly DOSE of her “THERAPEUTIC THURSDAY!” Discussing A Possible New Use for the Oakland Coliseum today is ATTORNEY Janani Ramachandran. A Friend of the Show and a Social Justice Attorney and Community Activist. She has earned a degree from Stanford University and U.C. Berkeley School of Law and has served on the Oakland Public Ethics Committee and presently on the CA Commission on Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs. To Learn More Visit: For the first time on our show today is Ray Bobbitt – Decorated Veteran of Desert Storm as a US Marine. Ray is the Founder of the African American Sports and Entertainment Group (AASEG). Ray also “…serves as the President and Sole shareholder of the Nacirfa Corporation – a Facility Management and Urban Consulting company founded 22 years ago in Oakland CA.” He has Founded, Co-Founded or served on Boards or Advisory Boards such as: Webster Elementary Tutoring and Mentoring program East Oakland, SFPD southern Station Community Police Advisory Board, Cal PAC-Northern CA Oakland The Parks and Recreation Commission, The Oakland Coliseum Economic Impact and Legal Action Committee (formed to keep Professional Sports in Oakland). To Learn More Visit: History: “The News of the Day” On this day in history September 16, 1928: Hundreds of Black Victims of Hurricane Denied Proper Burial in West Palm Beach, Florida. Courtesy of EJI (Equal Justice Initiative) Visit – for more information and to read the full story of this day in our Black and Brown History and encompassing all Minorities! Congratulations to EJI (Equal Justice Initiate) on the Opening of their NEW Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration! The preview opening is September but official opening is October 1, 2021! Sponsors: A special Shout out to Doni Glover (Youtube/doniglover) and Current Sponsor Magnolia Engineering and Construction. We also have a network of Shows hosted by Mr. Doni Glover such as “Chap & Friends” on Mondays, “Party Marty Let’s Talk” on Tuesdays, “SISTABIZ with Nicole and Tamara” on Wednesdays,” BlackUSA Crypto News with Kamal Hubbard” on Fridays so be sure to CHECK OUT these Black Voices and guiding lights of our community! Thank you Audience for tuning in and Remember together we can Listen, Learn and SHARE because I know you care! This is Doug Blacksher of the Black Business Roundtable, God Bless and Good Night!

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