BlackUSA Crypto News w/ Kamal Hubbard: BRYCE WEINER: Rebuilding Black Wall Street Through Blockchain, Fri., June 11, 2021 at 7pm EST/4pm PST


Bryce Weiner started as a drive time FM disc jockey on a small market radio station in the Midwest before embarking on a 15-year career as a Fortune 500 software developer for firms such as Thomson Reuters and Lockheed Martin. Beginning his blockchain engineering career in 2012 by building his own Bitcoin mining farm and now with over a dozen blockchain networks to his credit (several are currently publicly traded), Bryce is one of the most experienced blockchain engineers in the industry. He has been frequently consulted by financial institutions, news organizations, and courts of law for his irreverent and sometimes controversial views of blockchain technology, its implementation, and its potential.

Bryce is CEO of Tao Records, founder of the Tao Network, a public blockchain network specifically tailored to suit the needs of music industry applications, and CTO of US-based cryptocurrency exchange AltMarket, Inc.

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